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[1.6 | WIP] Necarasso Cryssesa!

Archived from Minecraft Forum.

New update! Almost complete yet not completely complete End Poem Translation!

I've seen many cheesy language packs, and decided to create one for the 1.6 snapshot based on a conlang I made! This language pack translates names into a constructed language I created. You can learn how to speak the language here.

Currently, I am preparing for the next revision of the language, as well as the upcoming resource pack system.



  1. Go to your minecraft folder, and rename bin/minecraft.jar to minecraft.zip.
  2. Go to the lang folder in the archive and extract languages.txt.
  3. Edit the extracted version by adding this line anywhere: “ncs_AA=Necarasso Cryssesa (AA)” (no quotes; make sure your editor handles Unix-style returns).
  4. Save, and transfer languages.txt and ncs_AA.lang into the lang directory in the archive.
  5. Delete the META-INF folder.
  6. Rename minecraft.zip back to minecraft.jar.

If you crash, then make sure you deleted META-INF and edited the languages.txt using an editor supporting Unix-style enters!

13w16a - 13w23a

Waaaaaaay simpler.

  1. Go to your minecraft folder, then the assets/lang directory.
  2. Transfer ncs_AA.lang there.

13w24a and later (Coming soon)

Move the zip file to the resource pack folder.

This pack has all of Mojang’s translations removed, but it should still work!

Sorry, I couldn’t make the numbers appear in hexadecimal.

Pictures: omitted from this page

Download: ncs.zip

Edit: Apparently, someone replaced the imgur link in this post with the constituent pictures. Thanks!