ŋaren crîþa 9 vlefto: Ŋarâþ Crîþ v9

Ŋarâþ Âlþor

This is the official grammar of Ŋarâþ Âlþor.

This language has politeness distinctions in personal pronouns. The Ŋarâþ Crîþ project neither endorses nor condones this language feature and considers grammaticalized politeness distinctions morally repulsive.

Note to mobile users: The grammar contains a few extra-wide tables that might overflow the right edge of the paper. If you’re bothered by that, then you might want to turn your phone sideways for those.

Version2024-06-02 76d9a01
DateSun Jun 02 20:19:44Z 2024
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f9if9i 0.1.0
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